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Based on the Sunshine Coast, iC3 Solutions specialise in growing brands on social media for small and medium-sized businesses across Australia. Passionate about results and focusing on increased reach and engagement, we assist clients to increase their brand presence and lead-generation ability through effective content and advertising solutions.

Driven by education and communication, we work alongside, not separate to our clients. Our management process is completely transparent with monthly reports provided as well as constant feedback and education on the importance of and process to build an ‘engaged’ audience. We work with clients to determine the best platform or combination of platforms to benefit their business.

With skills across the entire social media space and a proven track-record for businesses in almost every sector, we offer total or partial management; training, workshops and coaching; strategy development; advertising management as well as copywrite and graphic design services to help grow your business through social media.

Why Social Media?

The world has changed. We’re all online. From shopping, to education and most importantly social communication, the old antiquated method of marketing is almost extinct.

Companies can no longer throw their logo in-front of consumers on TV or radio and expect a result. Today, they’re watching Netflix and listening to their own music via Bluetooth in the car.
Consumers are becoming immune to the blanket-approach of traditional advertising. They want it personalised and expect a brand to really work for their attention now. In return, they spend their money with businesses they trust, businesses that have been recommended by someone they trust, or are seen to be socially “accepted”.

Companies who embrace social media understand the importance of building rapport and creating a community of brand ambassadors before pushing products and services for sale and find social media to be a very rewarding and lucrative channel.

Unlike traditional media, your campaigns on social media don’t cost the earth and most importantly…THE RESULTS ARE MEASURABLE!


Creative, hardworking marketing professionals a determined passion for the digital landscape.

With have a passion, interest and range of experience in social media marketing for some of Australia’s biggest brands, we’re also proficient and experienced in education and training, copywrite (communications) and graphic design.

With our client base spanning a broad range of sectors across Australia, our experience has resulted in a real understanding of what it really takes to make a brand communicate effectively within Social Media.


Business Development Director and Head Trainer

You may have heard of Ashton as ‘that crazy guy who destroyed his Jeep’. Not literally you’re thinking…yes, he literally did destroy his Jeep! A few years ago, Ashton bought a Jeep. There were MULTIPLE problems with this Jeep. Negotiating with parent company Fiat Chrysler for nearly two years didn’t get him anywhere so he created a Crowd-Funded Social Enterprise Campaign called ‘Destroy My Jeep’.

Ashton completely destroyed his Jeep using steel-tipped arrows and 2 x 24 tonne excavators….. and later destroyed another car using an Army Tank. You can watch the videos online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVM3QX2GPjQ

Not just for fun, Destroy My Jeep was about getting ‘what’s right’ for Australian consumers when it comes to Lemon cars.

Quickly turning viral, the campaign has been shared across all major news networks and publications throughout Australia, prompted response from the ACCC and Ashton is now in the process of working alongside Politicians to push for a review of the Australian Consumer Law, which aims to protect owners of new cars through the introduction of Lemon Laws

Becoming something of a ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ to consumers who have been left to deal with a ‘Lemon’ without any support from their manufacturers, Destroy My Jeep is undoubtedly Ashton’s Social Media claim to fame, but it is certainly not the only reflection of his ability to support businesses in growing their social presence online.

With a background of over 20 years in the corporate ICT industry, Ashton has worked with a number of the world’s biggest companies, spending much of his career in Asia, based out of Singapore.

When engaging with businesses in Australia he noticed small to medium or SME businesses didn’t have access to the same level of support, infrastructure or coaching that large corporates could afford.

Watching the impact Social Media was having on these big companies and aware of the direction in which marketing was now taking, Ashton created iC3 Solutions with a motivation to assist smaller companies in getting the best exposure for their company via social media without the expensive price tag.

Passionate about education, Ashton is iC3’s Chief Trainer.  Offering individuals and businesses face-to-face training, workshops and coaching throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. On request, Ashton also offers online Training to other states and international clients.


Social Media Manager

With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, Kristin has worked for many big brands in Australia and Overseas.

Introduced to the world of Digital Marketing in 2006 after her workplace was ‘taken over’ by a group of savvy investors from the US, Kristin was fortunate to be part of creating the first SEO and SEM campaign measured by conversions in Australia. Such a new practice at the time, her team had to venture into the office at 4am for teleconference meetings with an agency in the US as they couldn’t find anyone in Australia with the knowledge to support their venture!  Quickly falling head of heels for the possibility and results provided by online marketing, Kristin has remained a passionate advocate for the space and quickly turned her attention to Social Media for Business as that element grew.

Knowing she needed more experience to quantify her passion, Kristin completed a Masters of Digital Marketing with a major in Social Media Marketing and hunted an internship with Australia’s biggest and most innovative digital brand, Domino’s Pizza. Working in their digital marketing team, Kristin was responsible for all social media content and supported advertising across Domino’s Australian and New Zealand social platforms. She was also the project lead in imitating Australia’s first customised-audience campaign through Facebook and launching Domino’s as Australia’s first brand on Snapchat, Vine and Jelly.

As iC3’s Social Media Manager, Kristin generates content and advertising strategies for each of our clients that are focussed on increasing reach, engagement and conversion stats.  Motivated by results, Kristin’s campaigns are initiated and managed with an outcomes based approach. After detailed consultation client business goals are aligned with tactical campaigns that are easily measured against awareness, engagement/reach, sales/income and ROI targets.

With social media know-how, a bunch of project-management experience and a foundation knowledge of traditional marketing, Kristin takes a holistic approach to clients marketing and promotion efforts knowing exactly the right way for social media marketing to slot into their business plan and provide real outcomes.


Marketing Assistant

A current University student, Emma is currently studying a Bachelor of Public Relations with a minor in Social Media. Obsessively neat and organised, Emma has an impressive ability to communicate messages for different brands on multiple platforms using different tones and language off the top of her head.

Often attending industry-specific events, Emma also joined a University Social Media tour to Vietnam, to understand how Social Media is managed differently in other countries.

With a goal to own her own Social Media Business one day, Emma is passionate, hardworking and eager to not only learn everything she can about this ever-changing space but to prove her competency with our clients too. Happily attending networking events and taking a forward-facing consultative approach within our clients’ businesses, Emma is not your average Uni Student.

Outside of iC3, Emma juggles full-time University study, an internship and two additional casual jobs. To say she lives by her diary is an understatement! But it’s this organised quality we love about her.