Facebook drops a major explosion…

Kristin Vidler blogs

…but let us explain what’s actually happening before you freak out!

Last month, Mark Zuckerburg shook the world of Facebook up a notch by announcing some pretty dramatic new updates. He promised ‘things will change’ and he certainly wasn’t lying!

As a result, a big technical update has rolled out on our News Feeds meaning it will radically impact the way we, as users, see content.

Simply; Facebook will prioritize updates from friends and family and deprioritize updates from businesses you follow (or, of course, deprioritize content from your business page to your fans).

Ah…What?! Break it down for me please!

Facebook wants to change the way people find and engage content so they can create ‘meaningful conversation’ and a ‘positive social experience’.

What does that even mean?

I know, confusing right? We had to break it down too. Here’s the simplest explanation: They want you to have fun on Facebook. If you have fun you’ll keep coming back. They want less “fake” on your page and more “organic”.

But business isn’t ‘fun’, right? Well….that’s why these changes have left business folks in a bit of wild panic.

Facebook will now shift content to the top of the news feed that its algorithms predict will spur social interactions, such as long comments and back-and-forth conversations. So instead of users seeing your awesome post about your cracker of a deal on offer this month, they’ll see more posts like your Mum’s best friend’s granddaughter’s new haircut.

Now for the punch….What you need to do to push through this new barrier!

Facebook are huge advocates for preventing the spread of fake or spammy content (tag & share to win some dodgy prize / do you like the red one or the blue one etc.) and want to see more content that generates conversation.

This means keeping it real by creating a personality for your brand and delivering some damn good content your fans want to see.

It’s authentic and valuable content for the win!

What’s important:

  • Use content that will generate interaction with your fans. Try using photos or videos of some behind the scenes action of your business, or give content that adds value, such as handy hints or tips for your fans
  • Advertising is crucial. You’re not always going to get a high reach from organic posts so advertising is super important for prime results
  • Facebook has always loved using video and are encouraging the current trend of LIVE video, so ensure you’re creating a load of these and you’re bound to get a response from fans

Crank Up The Engagement (focus on this one, but really think about it before you jump in!)

  • Facebook encourage tonnes of interaction between your fans. Enable more social interaction by asking your fans questions, post interactive videos (live vids), boomerangs and Stories
  • Create longer chats in comments as oppose to comments like “f” for follow. They are demoting posts that bait people, like “please share” and “tag a friend below”. Maybe start rephrasing these ol’ standard baits for something like “tell us why…”
  • Facebook will also demote posts that have external links (i.e. a link to your website. Want to send people there? Advertise!)
Although it may seem challenging please don’t lose your chill. It’s most certainly NOT the end of Facebook for business and it’s obviously not the end of the world 😉
…. But it IS time to get smart about how you use Facebook. Plan and use the platform the way it’s designed and you’ll reap the rewards. Play around without a strategy throwing cash at ‘boost’ willy nilly and you’ll lose.


Public Service Announcement: Boost is NOT going to save you this time!

Wasting time and pennies on the boost button isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s not targeted like an Advert – you need to create those bad boys from scratch within Adverts Manager (that’s another change, no more Power Editor! But that’s another update – see Ash’s video here).

You know what you could do instead of hitting BOOST?

Book a Skydive, take $20 in your pocket and as you jump outta that plane just throw the $20 away – you’ll have a whole lot more fun but the benefit to your businesses bottom line will be the same as your Boosted Post!

In saying that, Facebook wants you to hit that big blue button…they’re willing you to. But we’ll go there in another Blog – I think we’ve stretched your brain enough in this one!

In summary; don’t jump off Facebook.

Next Steps; we’ve given you a bunch to digest above, here’s some pointers on where to go next.

  1. Check out Ashton’s Live Video about changes for verbal clarification
  2. Our next Training Session is March 15 – book it in Eddie
  3. Implement the tips we’ve outlined above and really think about how they relate to your business
  4. Advertise. Keep It Up or Get Started – we’ll go through that in our March training session or you can book a direct consult with us.

Lastly, make sure you’re following us on Facebook for all the latest and greatest from our world and most importantly, the world of using Facebook to grow your business!