Social Selling 🛠

Elisha Dyck blogs

Social media was built for interaction with friends and family, that’s why it can be tricky trying to breakthrough and use it as a selling tool for your business. But it is possible… if done the right way!

We hope this isn’t breaking news but the ‘right way’ we’re referring to is NOT through your organic social media content. You can’t post about sales and promotions and expect people to buy; it just doesn’t happen. In fact, it can have the opposite effect… 😬

One of the biggest mistakes we see is businesses using social media like they would their own personal accounts. We’re here to tell you, you need a solid sales strategy in place, otherwise you’re just leaving it all up to chance 🤞

There are two kinds of strategies you can use on social media; one works, the other does not:

  1. Post around the clock, cross your fingers, hope for the best ✖️
  2. Implement a Sales Funnel ✔️

So, what’s a Sales Funnel? It’s the journey you take your customers through to make a sale, and it starts on social media. Here’s a quick example of how you could make it work for your business:

  1. Advertise on social to attract your ideal client, build your followers and showcase your brand.
  2. Provide valuable content for your followers to consume on your socials; build their trust, let them get to know you and your business – build a relationship.
  3. Make the exchange! Find a way to provide value (maybe it’s a free eBook or video tutorial or discount code?) but make sure you get their email address in return!
  4. Warm them up with a series of value packed emails and slowly lead into a sale.
  5. Finally, email them an offer they just can’t refuse. Maybe it’s a new client special or introductory offer of some kind. This is where you make the sale. 💰

Social media is simply a platform to amplify your brand message. It’s a stepping stone to a sale, and a very important and powerful one at that!