Protecting Our Youth


Did you know?

  • 92% of teenagers are online daily
  • 24% of teens are online “almost constantly”
  • Greater than 70% of teenagers communicate online to feel better connected
  • More than 57% of teenagers make new friends online

Most children and teenagers utilise social media to communicate with their peers.  It’s instant, entertaining and simple to use – but there are many potential dangers for those who have not setup their profiles correctly.

The Big Issue

  • Over 40% of teen Facebook users have OPEN profiles, meaning ANYONE can see their posts, where they check-in and who they know
  • Open profiles are ripe for stalking and cyber bullying

Our packaged information ensures our teens enjoy a connected life, without the drama of online stalkers.

What are we doing about it?

We provide both online and face to face training for parents, students, schools, corporations & government agencies.

Our charter is to protect children and teenagers from the dangers lurking with social media predators and on-line bullying through education, information and training. Our training programs are targeted to those of influence including: parents, teachers and companies with a community focus.

Our training covers current social media and includes guides for protecting the privacy of your loved ones, online etiquette and known vulnerabilities of each platform.

Our solutions can be provided in branded document format, or in gamification eLearning format and integrated with Microsoft SCOM, to easily integrate into your existing corporate compliance platform for corporations who wish to offer this to their staff and customers on their internal training platforms.

Our customisation allows for white labelling of all our solutions, giving you the opportunity to provide this training to staff and/or clients under your own brand, to build value and trust within your network of social media users.

Webinar: Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

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