Get your free on-line access to the social media platform that the experts use.

A: Social Media is the interaction among people where they share information, ideas, personal blogs, photos and videos in virtual communities and networks.

A: People buy off people not logos, if you do this right, you will create a community of like minded people who will happily share your posts and content with their friends, thus recommending your services to others.

A: Absolutely, unlike conventional advertising, social media is not moderated and is open to trolls and abuse, you need to be very clear about your message and avoid updates that could create unrest with your fans.

A: We do, in consultation with you and we update it each week as we meet with your to tweak the outcomes.

A: We provide you with a GoPro and all related attachments, as well as a microphone to improve audio quality of any videos you might want to take from your mobile phone.

A: All hardware is supplied to you upon signup and is yours to keep, forever!

A: We take the time to understand your business and work with you on creating a strategy. Once this is done we recommend the suitable platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and provide you with hardware to ensure you’re able to capture content (videos and photos).

We edit the captured content into short videos and posts for use on your social media platforms. We manage the boosts and paid promotions of all your campaigns to ensure you’re hitting the exact target market you’re after.

We also meet personally with you on a regular basis to discuss the upcoming campaigns and to present you with reports and data to show you what’s working.